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Principal Solution Architect

Date:  3 Jul 2024

Kuala Lumpur

Company:  StarHub Ltd

Job Description

The role will assume responsibility for continued improvement or revamp (where deemed to be appropriate) of the E2E IS architecture of our solutions, systems and applications.  He or she will collaborate with the rest of the IS organization (service delivery, security, solution specialists etc.) as well as vendor communities in transforming the existing solution architecture by providing thought leadership in the functional areas of the solutions. The design authority provides assurance that solution designs are fit for purpose, meets requirements and most importantly, integrates and works well within the complex enterprise architecture; failing which, he or she should seek to reject such proposed solutions (if any)


  • Drive architectural design of systems and applications by reviewing what has been done in the past and making incremental or more significant improvements 
  • Provide architectural guidance and principles on the functional perspective of implementation; including subsequent impacts to support & maintenance 
  • Create & maintain documentation of e2e solution blueprint, architecture policies, and all architecture review processes
  • Implement processes to ensure design authority governance over proposed solutions
  • Coordinating with other architects to ensure that the IT architecture is in line with the business objectives and requirements. 
  • Confirming that the overall design and project level ‘trade-offs’ shall deliver the benefits defined in the programme brief, and that the business will not be unduly constrained in further growth (change) by design decisions
  • Collaborate closely with solution specialists to ensure strict adherence to functional architecture principles 
  • Consult and support BAU Application Development (AD) projects where requested changes impact e2e architecture principles
  • Specifically on IT architecture governance, candidate shall:
    • Maintain the IT architecture governance framework which is a collection of processes, roles, and artifacts that enable the successful management and oversight of the IT architecture; this framework is composed of an IT architecture board, a repository, a lifecycle, and compliance. 
    • Run the IT architecture review board that approves, reviews, and monitors the IT architecture, and is made up of senior stakeholders from the business and IT domains; ensures collaboration and accountability of all stakeholders. 
    • Maintain the IT architecture repository as the central source of truth that stores and documents the IT architecture artifacts, such as the IT architecture vision, strategy, principles, standards, guidelines, models, and diagrams. 
    • Maintain a structured and iterative IT architecture lifecycle that guide the development, implementation, and maintenance of the IT architecture, and typically includes the initiation, analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation phases.
    • Run the IT architecture compliance process, ensuring that the IT solutions conform to the IT architecture standards and guidelines, and involves conducting regular audits, assessments, and reviews of the IT solutions and identifying and resolving any gaps or issues.



  • Related Technical Degree with at least 5 years’ working experience in telecommunication industry.
  • In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in digital functional capabilities specifically in Telecom (not limited to eCommerce, mobile app, .com, shop apps etc.) Agnostic to software.
  • Analysis and Design experience on complex ‘enterprise sized’ projects.
  • Systems integration experience in complex environments involving CRM, EAI, Billing and their peripheral systems.
  • Experience in different type of technology used in Infrastructure setup.
  • Experience in BSS Transformation or significant upgrade projects.
  • Experience in running architecture review boards & governance processes
  • Experience working in fast-paced environment with large customer base and huge data volume.


  • Able to appreciate E2E processes, systems and designs 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills (incl. presentation slides)
  • Proven ability and commitment to work collaboratively towards common goals
  • Possesses effective planning and problem-solving skills
  • Equally comfortable operating with both technology and business environment
  • Highly motivated and open-minded for new technology 
  • Able to navigate difficult personalities and win over complex arguments with facts and reason
  • Keen eye for details 

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