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Data Architect

Date:  21-May-2023

StarHub Green

Company:  StarHub Ltd

Job Description


  • Architect a blueprint for network data platform including policy definition, procedures, models, and technologies that will be used to collect, organize, store, transform, distribute and retrieve information securely to meet organization business needs
  • Subject matter expert in data management and data architecture with adoption of best practices and innovations, who formulates the organizational data strategy, including standards of data quality, the flow of data within the organization, and security of data
  • Work closely with different stakeholders to support project implementation and maintenance of existing or new data platforms on cloud and on-premise.


  • Define blueprint for building an integrated framework of easily accessible, secure data aligned with business strategy, and develop an overall organizational data strategy that is in line with business and operation processes
  • Design, construct and develop data architecture, for which the data strategy and architecture framework need to meet requirements for high reliability, scalability and security
  • Develop data management plan that is aligned with organizational data strategy, including identifying data sources (both internal and external), classifying and organizing data, creating secure storage designs and provide specifications for data quality and security
  • Create and review data model designs, data storage designs, architecting data lake/ warehouses and data analytics platforms
  • Manage end-to-end data architecture, from providing recommendations and selecting the platform, designing the technical architecture, and developing the application, to finally testing and implementing the proposed solution
  • Define and manage the flow of data and dissemination of information within the organization, define the processes involved in testing and maintaining the data platform, data repositories and data pipelines
  • Ensure data security and governance, understand how to implement processes, roles, policies, standards and metrics to ensure the efficient and effective use/transfer/storage of data and in compliance with all applicable regulations
  • Monitor and conduct continuous audit of data management system performance, refine whenever required, and report immediately any breach or loopholes to the stakeholders
  • Evaluate client operations, applications and programming to determine the data platform/databases structural requirements
  • Coordinate and collaborate with cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and vendors for the smooth implementation and functioning of the data platform
  • Provide management and executive teams with informative reports on data platform design and architecture
  • Ensure smooth data migration from legacy systems to data platform on cloud/on-prem where applicable
  • Prepare and maintain proper documentation of architecture design, data management and operation procedures, etc
  • Perform a leadership role in assisting team members/ stakeholders to translate the framework into implementation plans


  • Appropriate qualification in Computer Science or IT, with at least 3 years of experiences as a Data Architect
  • Have exposure to a breadth of data related technologies and proficient in a wide range of data management tools, such as data lake, data warehousing, data modelling, data pipeline, ETL tools, etc
  • Possesses extensive experiences on databases and operating systems knowledge with both SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Deep understanding of data architecture and familiar with the best practices associated with data warehouse development, along with a thorough understanding of the data infrastructure of an organization and the way systems interact
  • Technical expertise in data modelling, design, integration and management that helps in designing the blueprint for organizational data
  • Knowledge of systems development, including system development lifecycle, project management approaches and requirements, design and testing techniques
  • Proven abilities in predictive modelling, data mining, visualization, and machine learning skills
  • Knowledge of programming languages Python, C/C++, Java, and Perl
  • Familiar with AWS/GCP data pipeline and ecosystem, data warehouse, big data platforms and Hadoop solutions
  • Good problem solving and effective communication skills to coordinate and collaborate with users, system designers, and developers in their day-to-day functions
  • Ability to work on a dynamic, research-oriented team that has concurrent projects
  • Be inquisitive and an advocate for best practices and continuous learning

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